Семья Барака Обамы завела себе вторую собаку . D.O.G. Delusions of Grandeur - Obama (Official Music Video) EXPLICIT

Это произошло по условиям контракта, который был подписан при покупке, обязующий нового хозяина вернуть животное, если отношения с собакой не сложатся. OUR DEBUT ALBUM - LOVABLE SWANGIN' DIRT - IS OUT NOW Website Follow us on Facebook .. or $pend a dime to hear us rhyme :) ...

Обама и собака видео. Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas

Чтобы это видео посмотрело больше людей, добавьте субтитры на своем языке. To commemorate President Obama's last day in office, Ellen took a look back at some of her favorite moments with President Obama and the First Lady.

обама и собака . MEOW

В этой категории Вас ждут занимательные видео приколы и смешные видео про наших четвероногих друзей. Cats don't go nyan, they go MEOW! WOOF ▻ Behold the result of 8 hours of wasted time in an effort to make the stupidest video I possibly could! Happy 10 Million...

Это видео недоступно. . Capar vs Obama (Official Video)

Он занимается сексом с женщиной, а позже к ним присоединяется собака Обама и собака видео. AkllapCityOfficial.

«Звездные войны» и брюки для собак: как Барак Обама проводит последние месяцы в Овальном кабинете . Macey Meets President Obama

The presidential expert got to meet a President for the first time, and asked him some very important questions.

Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama Go to CVS

To help prepare the First Lady for life after the White House, Ellen took her to CVS Pharmacy to pick up a few things.

Obama In Ohio- Full Hi Quality Video

President Obama talks about the economy near Cleveland, Ohio.

President Obama's new puppy unveiled in White House video

President Obama and the First Family have welcomed a new family member to the White House. The Obamas unveiled a new puppy, which they have named Sunny due to its energy and affectionate nature....

VIDEO WOW! General ‘Mad Dog” Mattis responde to Obama

[VIDEO] WOW! General 'Mad Dog” Mattis responde to Obama Original Source : .

Raw Video: Baby Sticks Fingers in Obama's Mouth

Eight-month-old Cooper Wall Wagner, son of Capt. Greg Wagner, got up close and personal with President Barack Obama, grabbing his face, then sticking his fingers in the president's mouth during...

Raw Video: Sasha Obama Hits a Hole-in-one!

On a family trip to a miniature golf course, 9-year-old Sasha Obama hit a hole-in-one in front of the cameras, and much to the delight of her father. The Obamas are in the Florida Panhandle...

Christmas Video of Barack Obama Dog Bo

Christmas Video of Barack Obama Dog Bo. Bo makes a final inspection of the 2013 White House Christmas decorations before 90000 visitors come through the doors of the People's House this holiday...

Faith, the dog, Barks At Obama's name Video

Faith, Mason Dixon's Papillon barks any time she hears the name "Obama".